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FUAMI Says NO To Mandated Insanity!


A Petition to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

We the people of the State of Florida are asking you to issue an addendum to your EXECUTIVE ORDER NUMBER 20-52, Emergency Management – COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. The addendum would prohibit all Florida county commissioners and city council members from issuing and implementing any and all mandates that would: impose lockdowns or capacity restrictions without meaningful compensation to affected businesses; impose curfews on citizens; require wearing masks; require social distancing; require vaccines of any type; or impose school closures.

You are among a handful of competent and constitutionalist governors with common sense, known for recognizing and representing American values, balancing the importance of Florida’s prosperity, and taking a proper holistic approach to managing the pandemic.

Even though you have not ordered state-wide unconstitutional and destructive mandates, many misguided and/or ill-informed county commissioners and city council members in Florida are misusing the current Executive Order to issue and implement destructive mandates violating our human rights and constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms; taking private property (business income) for the public benefit without compensation; and destroying our childrens’ well-being and mental health, our businesses and economy, our dignity, liberties, health, and well-being. All of this demonstrates the need for the requested addendum.

By doing this, you will continue to set the tone for other states and lead our nation back towards sanity and prosperity.

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