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  • Are You Against Forced Vaccination and Medication?
  • Do You Oppose Mandatory Lockdowns and Masks?
  • Do You Stand Against Warrantless Searches and Pat-Downs?
  • Do You Want To Stop Unconstitutional Surveillance Practices?
  • Have You Had Enough With Media and Tech Censorships?

Congratulations-You have come to the right place! Join our national network- the Sanctuary States For The U.S. Constitution, to help defend our Constitutional and States’ Rights, and help turn our states into Constitutional Sanctuaries!

Help save our sunshine state, Florida, Where…

  • Businesses Prosper
  • Children Thrive & Flourish
  • People Breathe Freely
  • And where life is dignified
  • Join Fuami – Together we can!


Florida Businesses for the American Way-FBFAW, is a Sub-Coalition of Florida Unites Against Mandated Insanity- FUAMI.

We are a coalition of companies registered in Florida united with FUAMI for a Sunshine State-Florida, Where Businesses are Free to Thrive and Prosper- The American Way!

WE SAY NO to Being Muzzled with Mandated Masks.

WE SAY NO to Being Caged with Mandatory Curfews & Lockdowns.

WE SAY NO to Forced Isolation with Mandated Distancing.

WE SAY NO to Mandatory Jabs with Mandated Vaccines.

Petition to Governor DeSantis

Sign and Join FUAMI to Demand That Governor Ron DeSantis Prohibit All Local Governments in Florida from Issuing and Implementing COVID-19 Mandates- From Mandated Lockdowns and Curfews to Mandated Vaccines and Masks!

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Please donate and help support FUAMI. We need Your contributions to help organize meetings and conferences, create and distribute flyers, help manage our website, implement billboard campaigns, and travel and outreach to recruit the backing of our state and local elected officials here in Florida.



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Sanctuary States For Our Constitution- It’s Now Or Never

Sanctuary States For Our Constitution- It’s Now Or Never

As our founding fathers made crystal clear, supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies- foreign and domestic, is incumbent upon every American- Not only those who must take the oath of office or naturalized citizens...

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