Discover some of our frequently asked questions
1- How can I join and support FUAMI?

To Become a FUAMI member and receive our free newsletters and invitations to our events, join here by filling out and submitting our FUAMI Opt-in Form.


2- Is there a local FUAMI Chapter near me?

We are working on creating FUAMI regional and city chapters throughout the State of Florida. Currently we have 4

FUAMI chapters:
FUAMI HQ in SW FL (Punta Gorda-Fort Myers-Naples area)
FUAMI Greater Orlando Area Chapter
FUAMI Gainesville-Ocala Chapter
FUAMI Panhandle Regional Chapter

We will continue updating our FUAMI chapters list as we add more chapters. Contact us if you are committed to becoming a FUAMI local chapter volunteer.

3- How can I attend FUAMI conferences, meetings and events?

Check our FUAMI Events page for all our coming conferences and events, including online meetings – Members only – RSVP required.

4- I am not in Florida. Do you have a presence in other states?

Currently we are a grassroots activist coalition network with presence throughout Florida only. However, we encourage all activists in other states who share our objectives and mission to create a network and unite likeminded activists for a sane, Constitutional, pro-liberties state where businesses have a right to thrive and prosper, where parental rights are respected, and where freedom matters and dignity counts.

5- What is the best way to donate to FUAMI?

We have put in place several methods of payment for people to donate and help support our grassroots movement. See our Donate Page, where you can donate via Credit Card, PayPal, Go Fund Me Platform or Check .