Florida Unites For A Sane & Prosperous Sunshine State


FUAMI- Florida Unites Against Mandated Insanity, founded in Naples, Florida, by Sibel Edmonds, is a coalition of families, businesses, current and former healthcare providers and educators in Florida who stand for our Constitutionally Guaranteed Liberties and Our State’s and Parental Rights.

We unite to defend our Sunshine State against any and all insane mandates that go against our American Values, Constitutional and State’s Rights, and Economic Prosperity of our state.


FUAMI Orlando: Linda Aponte (FUAMI Organizer)

FUAMI Gainesville-Ocala: Jennifer Cabrera (FUAMI Organizer)

FUAMI The Villages: Haley Heathman (FUAMI Organizer)

FUAMI Melbourne: Daria DiGiovanni (FUAMI Organizer)

FUAMI Naples-Fort Myers: Sibel Edmonds (FUAMI Organizer)

We SAY Yes To:


A State Where Businesses Thrive AND Prosper


A State Where Children Flourish


A State Where Parental Rights Are Respected


A State Where Freedom Matters AND Dignity Counts


A State Where People Live & Breathe Freely

We Say No To:


Being Caged- via Mandated Lockdowns and or Curfews


Being Muzzled- via Mandated Masks and or Censorship


Being Jabbed- via Mandated Vaccines and or Medication


Forced Separation- via Mandated Distancing and or Quarantines


Forced Separation-

In Short, we say NO to Mandated Insanity in our great Sunshine State- Florida!

The clock is ticking. ..

Time is of the essence. And this is the only viable path: Taking back Our States’ Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights. And with that, we are starting here in Florida. Join and support FUAMI Now! Because, together- we can, and united-we’ll win.

How Can You Get Involved?

Join FUAMI or Support FUAMI

Our Mission

Our FUAMI Network Strives for a Pro-Liberties, Pro-Families and Economically Prosperous State of Florida. We Pledge to Collectively Defend Our Liberties and Rights Against Any and all Mandates in Violation of Our Constitutional and State’s Rights.

Our Vision

Unity – There are millions of Floridians who share our vision and core American values- from a free-market economy and work ethics to parental rights and freedom of speech and choice when it comes to healthcare. We can achieve all that- First, by uniting. Together-We Can, United-We’ll Certainly Win!

Collective Demand for Action

Together, united, we can make our voices heard and our demands translated into action by our elected officials- Florida Governor and Legislators (Our Public Servants Tasked with Representing We the People!)

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