It’s starting to get real out here, folks.

Far from “solving” or “ending” the pandemic, these vaccines have caused even more madness than the damn masks did.

But … that was the whole point!

I was predicting this a year ago. People laughed when I started bringing up the notion of vaccine or health passports.

In case you missed it, on St. Vincent where they have a volcano erupting, you won’t be allowed to be evacuated on the cruise ship nor will the nearby islands accept refugees unless you’ve been vaccinated.

Can you believe that?

We went from 15 days to flatten the curve to die by volcanic fire if you don’t take this vaccine real-quick.

And if “die by volcanic fire” is their standard, what WON’T they say or do to coerce you into getting this vaccine?

Fortunately, at my dog training business where we own the franchise, I can create my own rules. Nonetheless, I did still have someone call to book an appointment who had the gall to ask the sales center that takes our booking calls if I’d been vaccinated. I’m sorry, ma’am, I’m from the era where it was considered very rude to inquire about a person’s personal medical information.

But inquire people will. And not just inquire, demand.

In Pennsylvania, the St. Luke’s Health Network fitness centers put a sign up on their reception desks saying that as of April 12th, all members must be vaccinated. “Members who choose not to be vaccinated will no longer be able to use our facilities”.

Someone posted the sign on Twitter. Well, that did it for me. I went to work immediately searching for phone numbers for these facilities so I could call them up and give them a piece of my mind. If I were in PA, I’d be organizing a protest.

That, my friends, is what must happen from now on. We MUST take action every time we see this. Every time we see a business or organization requiring proof of vaccination, we must punch back. They must know that we’re not just going to roll over and accept their “papers please” society. They must feel the pain of their decision to create a “segregated” society.

With FUAMI, this is exactly what we plan on doing. The South Beach Wine and Food Festival taking place in May (May 20-23 2021) has recently announced that they’ll be requiring proof of vaccination (in defiance of Gov. DeSantis’s executive action) or negative Covid test before allowing entrance to their event. FUAMI is already taking charge to mount a protest against this event. Stay tuned for details.

We must get as angry about these things as the left does when someone uses the wrong pronoun or commits a microaggression. We have to start getting just as angry about things that actually matter. If they can get that pissed off about pronouns, we should be able to get just as pissed off about literal segregation and bodily autonomy.

We must start to punch back whenever we see this occurring. The ONLY way we might stop what’s coming, an entire “papers please” society, is to stop it in its tracks.

So, your action item for today is to call up the St. Luke’s Health Network fitness facilities and voice your extreme disapproval at their decision to require vaccinations for their members. THIS IS NOT OK!

Here are the numbers to contact:

Bethlehem: 484-526-3177

Easton: 484-503-0100

Allentown: 484-426-2540

Allentown: 484-822-5353

When I called, I was told this decision was made by “the higher ups”. So here’s a list of the Executive Team members. I managed to contact their General Counsel, Robert Wax, and leave him a voicemail.

I don’t care if they’re just desk jockeys answering the phone. At this point, when our society and our lives are literally at stake, it’s all fair game. They need to be inconvenienced and hear about it, too.

Don’t just grumble when you see these things, ACT!

Don’t just bitch to your wife or husband at how wrong this all is, ACT!

If you don’t fight for your freedom, do you really deserve it?

# # # #

 *Haley Heathman is FUAMI Chapter Organizer in The Villages, Florida, and can be reached at haley[at]