The South Beach Wine and Food Festival will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination (Vaccine Passport) in defiance of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. DeSantis signed an executive order banning Covid-19 “vaccine passports” in the state of Florida.

FUAMI (Florida Unites Against Mandated Insanity) is organizing a major protest and demonstration to be held in front of the Festival Entry Gate. The Festival is scheduled for May 20-23 in Miami. Sibel Edmonds-FUAMI Founder, Stated:

We intend to unite 1000s of Floridians for Human Rights and our Constitutionally-guaranteed rights. We’ll be assisting with transportation to bring in activists from several regions in Florida. We are going to provide and wear Nazi Yellow Badges- showing the world the true nature of this tyrannical conspiracy implemented by despotic overlords against our most basic Human Rights and in defiance of our Constitutionally-guaranteed rights/liberties …

Edmonds called upon activists in Florida to join FUAMI’s “No Yellow Badge for Floridians” campaign

We are asking all pro-liberties and Human Rights activists and networks in Florida to join us. We invite all proactive and responsible parents to step up to the plate and support us. We must take a firm stand, fight and relentlessly counter this evolving tyranny before it’s too late! Together-We can, and United-We certainly will win.

“Time to stand up to “Papers Please” society wherever it pops up. If Lee Schrager (Founder-Director of The South Beach Wine & Food Festival) thinks he’s going to create a new caste system in America, he’s got another thing coming!” Haley Heathman FUAMI Regional Director, stated.

Activists can contact and join FUAMI directly at FUAMI.ORG. People are also urged to help with the logistics, organizing and executing of this campaign with their direct contribution/donation here: Support FUAMI

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