FUAMI Media:  February 25, 2021

Florida Unites Against Mandated Insanity (FUAMI) and Businesses For The American Way (FBFAW) are launching “FUAMI Sky Campaigns” via chartered planes throughout Florida.

The first FUAMI Sky Campaign is scheduled for Friday, February 26, during CPAC in Orlando, Florida. The coalition’s aerial banner will counter Florida’s Grim Reaper’s pejorative sky-banner attack targeting DeSantis on Friday.

FUAMI—Florida’s coalition for Life the American Way, with regional chapters throughout Florida and a recently-launched sub-coalition of Florida Businesses for The American Way—has been a staunch and vocal supporter of DeSantis. Not only does it support the Governor’s determined defiance of insane, destructive and un-American COVID-19 mandates, the coalition has been demanding that he go further and prohibit all local governments from issuing and implementing insane mandates.

“We love and support our Governor. As facts on the ground and records make crystal clear, DeSantis’ brave defiance of insane COVID-19 mandates and his refusal to issue state-wide mandates, such as lockdowns and masks, has made Florida the best, healthiest, and most prosperous state in our nation …” stated Sibel Edmonds, Founder of FUAMI. “Not only do we support our Governor, we want him, urge him, to go further—by issuing an urgently-needed addendum to prohibit many misguided and ill-informed elected local government officials from issuing insane mandates that are geared to destroy our people and bankrupt our hard-working businesses here in Florida.”

Two weeks ago the coalition launched its public petition urging DeSantis to issue an addendum to his Executive Order 20-52 and prohibit all Florida county commissioners and city council members from issuing and implementing any and all mandates that would: impose lockdowns or capacity restrictions without meaningful compensation to affected businesses; impose curfews on citizens; require wearing masks; require social distancing; require vaccines of any type; or impose school closures.

FUAMI’s new outreach and action campaign is joined and supported by FBFAW, a new sub-coalition made of small to medium independent businesses registered in Florida working towards speedily putting an end to the highly damaging and bankrupting mandates.

Edmonds hints at an innovative state-wide outreach and action plan being undertaken by the coalition and its business partners that sidesteps traditional channels:

“Our FUAMI’s Orlando-CPAC aerial campaign this week is just the beginning. With the billionaires-funded media and partisan tech giants censoring and canceling the true voices of our Florida majority, we’re planning to implement the most out-of-the-box and effective campaign methods and outreach in the history of our Sunshine State … and with that, we’ll render them all moot and irrelevant. They have a handful of billionaires… well, we have thousands of hard-working independent American businesses, the backbone of our nation’s economy, on our side. Together we can, and united we certainly will win!”

On Friday, February 26, between 1:00 PM-4:00 PM, FUAMI Orlando members and volunteers will gather near the CPAC entrance at the Orlando Hyatt Regency.

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